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    Title : The 8th International Conference on Advanced Information Technologies
    Author : Administrator
    Post Date : 01/03/2014
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    Content :

    The overall goal of The 8th International Conference on Advanced Information Technologies is to invite the researchers and practitioners around the world to discuss the Communication Network Technology and Applications, Communication Network Technology and Applications, Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management, and Web Intelligence.
    It is warmly welcomed that the academic, industrial and relevant research institutes to submission their latest academic and research achievements to this conference. The conference will be held in Chaoyang University of Technology, Taichung city, Taiwan, from April 18 to April 19, 2014. Please visit for more information about the conference.

    Scope of interest
    The conference aims to provide a forum for presentations and discussions of the recent methodological advances in Electronic Commerce and Knowledge Management, Network Communication and Applications, Information System Theory and Applications. The topics of the conference include, but are not limited to:
    Communication Network Technology and Applications
    �� Smart Mobile Devices
    �� Mobile Computing
    �� Mobile Networking and Communicating
    �� High Speed Network
    �� Digital Communication
    �� Wireless Network
    �� Satellite Communication
    �� Digital Signal Process
    �� Network Security
    �� High Speed Access Network
    �� Optical Switch Network
    �� Speech Recognition
    �� Sensor Network
    �� Network Management
    �� Collaboration Technology
    �� Distribution Process System
    �� Network Design and Analysis
    �� Communication Network Related Issues

    Information Technology Theory and Applications
    �� RFID
    �� Artificial Intelligent
    �� Machine Learning
    �� Neural Network
    �� Multimedia Applications
    �� Image Related
    �� Information Hiding
    �� Pattern Recognition
    �� Fuzzy Logic
    �� Distributed Systems
    �� Object Oriental Technology
    �� Software Engineering
    �� Bio-informatics
    �� Computational Intelligence
    �� Collaboration E-Learning
    �� System Optimization
    �� Genetic Algorithm
    �� Embedded System
    �� SoC Design
    �� Information Technology Related Issues

    Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management
    �� Database Management
    �� ERP
    �� Logistic Management
    �� Supply Chain Decision
    �� Information Security
    �� Intelligence on the Web
    �� Decision Support System
    �� Software Quality Management
    �� Social Network Analysis
    �� Mobile Commerce
    �� Global Logistics Management
    �� Knowledge Management
    �� Information Management Related Issues
    �� Network Marketing

    please click the link for futher detail.