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    Title : Health Care IT Track
    Author : Administrator
    Post Date : 05/08/2011
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    Content :
    Health Care IT Track

    The details of this call can be found at:

    Call for Papers

    During the last years a lot of comprehensive Enterprise Systems have been
    implemented in the Health Care sector all around the world. Some of the
    implementations have been successful but more have been seen as failures. It
    is important to follow the implementation from a research perspective in
    order to understand the process and to deliver knowledge to practice for
    future implementations.

    No doubt that the potential of IT in Health Care is high. Both inside
    hospitals and between different players in the sector there are unexploited
    effects related to patient service and satisfaction, efficiency, quality and
    the like. But the implementation process is not that simple. A lot of
    factors influence the process.

    The Health Care IT Track at CONFENIS is a forum for presentation of research
    results and discussions related to design, implementation, adoption, use and
    management of Health IT. We welcome IS studies from a variety of research
    disciplines including computer science, software engineering, economics,
    social studies, policy making, strategy and evaluation theory. We invite
    research in progress as well as established and running research.

    Topics of interest but are not limited to:

    * The use of BPM Methodologies within the Health Care sector

    * Design of Health IT solutions

    * Implementation and adoption of Health IT solutions

    * Evaluation and assessment of Health IT solutions

    * Organizational impact from the implementation of Health IT

    * Barriers to health IT implementation and adoption

    * Health IT's impact on patient safety, medical errors, workflow,
    financial performance, and productivity

    * Health data standard and exchange

    * Understanding the success or failure of Health IT initiatives

    * Architectures of Health IT

    * e-Health initiatives

    * Enablers for meaningful use of Health IT

    * Usability issues

    * Strategic management issues in Health IT

    * How to teach health care IT issues, including teaching cases

    * How to study health care IT

    Important Dates

    Paper Submission: 01/06/2011

    Submission of camera-ready paper: 01/09/2011

    Conference: 16-18/10/2011

    Track Chairs

    Povl Erik Rostgaard Andersen, Aarhus University, Denmark
    Bjarne Rerup Schlichter, Aarhus University, Denmark