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    Title : The Fourteenth International Conference on Electronic Business(ICEB) in conjunction with The First Global Conference on Internet & Information Systems (GCIIS)
    Author : Administrator
    Post Date : 10/07/2014
    File :
    Content : Call for Papers

    Theme: "Creating Business Values through Innovations in Cloud Services"

    With the rapid evolution of technology, the occurrence of cloud services has created substantial additional service value, increasing the level of human life quality. It has brought about significant changes in modern business paradigms and practices.

    Cloud computing effectively reduces operational costs and risks. Due to its flexibility and automation of infrastructure, cloud computing shortens the time of data transmission. By doing so, it optimizes the costs of carrying information resources and accelerates the speed of new product development. These advantages have major positive impact on creating service innovations in enterprises.

    Meanwhile, Internet technologies provide customers with the ability of performing business functions any time any place due to their maturity and improved bandwidth. Recently, customers' demands in service industries have constantly been rising, making innovation in services a critical issue for today's businesses. In the new value chain, service innovation is regarded as the key capability for creating business value. To increase value under such circumstances, making optimal decisions in the process of service innovation is a must.

    The purpose of this conference is to provide a forum to discuss decision making in current service innovation and design practices that exist in cloud computing. The participants will also share their suggestions and insights regarding the future researches and applications.

    Conference Track
  • 1.Cloud Services and Management
  • 2.Computer and Network Security
  • 3.Consumer Behavior
  • 4.Customer Relationship Management
  • 5.Data Mining and Business Intelligence
  • 6.Electronic Business
  • 7.ERP and Operations Management
  • 8.Information and Business Ethics
  • 9.Information Security and Privacy
  • 10.Internet & E-Business
  • 11.Knowledge Network and Management
  • 12.Management & Organizational Behavior
  • 13.Marketing Theory, Models and Application
  • 14.Media Communications and Advertising
  • 15.MIS/DSS/AI/Expert Systems
  • 16.Personalized Ubiquitous E-Service
  • 17.Other related topics

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