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    Dr. Ting-Peng Liang
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    Dr. Eldon Y. Li
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    Title : Message from TWAIS President
    Author : Administrator
    Post Date : 05/23/2010
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    Content :

    Dear TWAIS Members and Friends,

    Greetings from NCCU campus in Taipei!!!

     Our 2010 Annual Meeting has been successfully concluded.  Thanks to Chinese Society of Information Management and the host of 2010 International Conference of Information Management, the Meeting was held in the campus of National Cheng Kung University. The two major tasks for this year’s general meeting are to amend the Bylaws and elect the new Executive Board members.  Four major changes in the Bylaws are: 1) introduce a new position of V. P. Publication, 2) split the position of Secretary-Treasurer into two positions, 3) add three positions of At-Large Directors, and 4) change the inauguration day to the First Day of August.

    The amendment of Bylaws was approved in the meeting and the new Executive Board Members were nominated and elected by secret ballots. These new members include:

    President-Elect: Dr. Houn-Gee Chen (���E��), National Taiwan University

    VP-Activity: Dr. Paul Lin (�L�y��), National Central Police University

    VP-Membership: Dr. She-I Chang (�i�Ӽ�), National Chung Cheng University

    VP-Publication: Dr. Wei-Hsi Hung (�x��â), National Chung Cheng University

    Treasurer (expires 2013): Dr. Jashen Chen (���a��), Yuan Ze University

    At-Large Director (expires 2011):
    Dr. Yen-Liang Chen (���ۨ}), National Central University

    At-Large Director (expires 2012):
    Dr. Jiann-Min Yang (���إ�), National Chengchi University

    At-Large Director (expires 2012):
    Dr. Jen-Her Wu (�d���M), National Sun Yat-sen University

    At-Large Director (expires 2012):
    Dr. Eric Wang (���s��), National Central University

    The incumbent board members are:

    Immediate Past-President (expires 2011):
    Dr. Eldon Y. Li (������), National Chengchi University

    President (expires 2011):
    Dr. Shin-Yuan Hung (�x�s��), National Chung Cheng University

    Secretary (expires 2012):
    Dr. Victor Chen (������), National Cheng Kung University

    At-Large Director (expires 2011):
    Dr. Ming-Hseng Yang (���ʽ�), Fu-Jen University

    At-Large Director (expires 2011):
    Dr. Ting-Peng Liang (��w��), National Sun Yat-sen University

    On August 1, all these officers and directors will assume their duties of the aforementioned positions and I will step down from the position of Founding President into the position of Immediate-Past President. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to our current officers and directors for their support, especially President-Elect Shin-Yuan Hung, whose relentless effort has kept our operations going flawlessly. I am sure that under his leadership and the incoming new officers, our Chapter will grow much larger and stronger.

    Finally on this day of mid-Spring season, I thank all of you dearly for your support to TWAIS in the past year and wish every one of you to have a successful ending of the academic year and a very cheerful summer break.

    Sincerely yours,

    Eldon Y. Li

    Founding President