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    Title : Good News: AIS membership rates in Taiwan dramatically drop (US$125->US$25)
    Author : Administrator
    Post Date : 06/14/2011
    File :  
    Content :

    Dear All:

    I am very pleased to inform you that we petitioned AIS council meeting ( at ECIS 2011 (Helsinki, Finland) to request for reexamining AIS membership rates in Taiwan (see the attached) and currently AIS membership rates in Taiwan dramatically drop (i.e. US$125 -> US$25 for Academic; US$89 -> US$13 for Ph.D. student).

    I want to express my special thanks to At-Large Director and AIS Representative Dr. Eric Wang, VP-Membership Dr. She-I Chang, At-Large Director Dr. Eldon Li, President-Elect Dr. Houn-Gee Chen, VP-Publication Dr. Frank Hung, and some TWAIS members for their time and effort to this success.

    This success has demonstrated the important role of TWAIS. Your continuous sponsorship and support for the TWAIS is essential and appreciated. We look forward to the bright future of the TWAIS.